Shelton Valley Christian School


Shelton Valley Christian School-Kindergarten through 8th Grade, is a pathway to a world of opportunity for every student.  Shelton Valley Christian School is part of a world-wide Christian educational system, including elementary and high schools, colleges and universities in countries around the globe.  We have been serving families of all Faiths and backgrounds in Shelton since 1901.  We take pride in our individualized and innovative curriculum which allows children to progress at the pace that fits them best.  Our small class sizes allow for an excellent quality of education and a safe and family environment for learning.  Are your ready to enroll!  Would you like to see our school and meet our teachers?  We can answer your questions and provide more information.  Click on Contact Us.

Mission Statement
Educating tomorrow's leaders today, through excellent academics, active service, and Christian nurture.

The Vision
The vision of Christian education in the 21st century is to develop and implement systematically, a state-of-the-art curriculum for students that will help them to:
1. Develop a dynamic, transforming faith relationship with Christ.
2. Demonstrate, upon graduation, a desire for lifelong learning and a commitment to contribute positively as a member of their church, the society of this world, and ultimately, the world to come.
3. Display mastery of the essential competencies and core skills that are fundamental to the Christian principles of true education.

What You Can Expect
Quality Academics... taught with innovative and individualized curriculum
Caring and Qualified Teachers... who enjoy small class sizes
Safe Environment... where children will thrive
Enthusiastic Spirituality... where a relationship with God is cherished
Moral Lessons and Good Ethics...where Jesus Christ and His teachings are uplifted
Respect...  for each Family's Religious preferences
Acts of Kindness... curriculum that allows students to serve our community of Shelton
Healthy Boundaries... that empower children to experience postive and affirming friendships
Abundant Grace ... which creates a good and healthy place to grow.